WARNING: This website contains artistic and expressive content. This is not a safe and sensitive environment for the perpetually offended.

Traverse a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find fellow members and face mutants, monsters, and marauders as you investigate mysterious dystopias in a world where every decision is literally a matter of life or death.

Before you start

DoomsDaisy visual novels are played on a web browser (no downloading necessary), but unfortunately not currently supported on all web browsers. It is possible to play from mobile devices (depending on device and browser), but a desktop with a minimum screen resolution of 1280x720 is recommended. Before playing you must agree to the ToS.

WARNING: The DoomsDaisy visual novel and mini episodes contain violence, nudity, vulgar language, inappropriate themes, and corny humor. If you're expecting erotica, you'll probably be disappointed. However, if you are easily offended, you're sure to find something to get all worked up about. DoomsDaisy contains filter settings to censor content, but filters won't make the game any less tacky.

The DoomsDaisy video novels are interactive stories where you control the story by choosing your fate. Each choice you make alters the course of events, but be warned, many choices have seriously fatal consequences bringing your adventure to an abrupt and shameful end.

The DoomsDaisy Demo contains the first act of the full version. (Full version is still in development.) Demo 0.3 originally released for PC 12/02/2021, replaced with 0.4 for web 06/02/2022.

DoomsDaisy Demo 0.4 Beta

The first act of DoomsDaisy

DoomsDaisy Tiny Mini Short-Shorts

These small stories pack big action that give insight to characters and places expanding the fantastic mystery world of DoomsDaisy.

Famished (Post-Production)

If you hunger for more DoomsDaisy, then this is for you!

Plane Jane (Production)

Take off on a one way trip to adventure.

Wet Willies (Pre-Production)

Dive deeper into the fantasy world of DoomsDaisy.

The Orbs and the Obelisk (Conceptualizing)

Dive deeper into the fantasy world of DoomsDaisy.