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DoomsDaisy creator Pontius Paiva presents all-new original art and story featuring characters and themes from the interactive visual novel. Each image comes with backstory given from the main character's point of view.

This collection serves as both an introduction to the satirical sci-fi video-game-book, and for players of the demo to learn more about the post-apocalyptic fantasy universe of DoomsDaisy.

For more about Pontius Paiva, visit pontiuspaiva.com.


Name: Avlyn J. Ponpai

Allegiance: No known affiliation

This seaside sultress has no group loyalty, but might be considered a "coaster," one of many lone wanderers who keep near the shoreline.

Da Bomb!

It was at the height of the Cold War when the world spun out of control. Fingers were pointed, blame was placed, and tension between nations flared.

On Octber the 19th, 1978, it rained bombs. It remains uncertain whether or not the bombings were act of war or a means to destroy an overwheming infestation of newly introduced aggressive species of monster.

Regardless, charcoal flavored air has definitely been established.


Name: Jenna Tailya, M.D. AKA "Dr. J"

Allegiance: G.E.M.

As a medical doctor and scientist, Dr. J holds many duties at G.E.M. ranging from reviewing health records to brain surgery while also making time for the occasional mad experiment.

She also speaks in G.E.M. orientation videos, ever reminding personnel of the importance of following protocol and the nutritional value, health benefits, and curative properties of GEM-brand canned beets.


Name: Unknown

Allegiance: Unknown

This shotgun wielding weirdo of the wastelands is responsible for the brutal execution of half a dozen G.E.M. members. The entire bloodbath was caught on CCTV and the killer never said a word.

With no live witnesses left behind to report, little is known about the quiet killer. It seems the speechless sister has taken a vow of silence.

Smart Box

Name: ANA (Automated Network Administrator)

Allegiance: G.E.M. Technology

An artificial intelligence programmed to oversee tasks in all G.E.M. facilities through a sophisticated network of coaxial cables. Her built-in personality and ability to interact help with the boring lonesomeness of bunker life. She also comes with games.

Her mood settings are prone to instability during a monthly purge of memory storage resulting in erratic behavior. Splicing wires to bypass system problems make her more unstable.


Name: Ophelia

Allegiance: G.E.M

Order and control rely heavily on finding, maintaining, protecting, and controlling a major source of drinkable water. Special troops were sought and trained for each of those tasks. None are deadlier than the soldiers charged with protecting this most precious resource.

Critter Nerd

Name: Roz

Allegiance: G.E.M. (Project CURIO)

Roz is a xenobiologist studying the creatures that evolved from infection of transformative disease. She also studies the mutation strains and the infected in hopes of finding a cure.

And she's cute as a button, and sharp as a tack.


The radiation signs found near G.E.M. facilities and other sensitive locations have been defaced with spray-painted smiling flowers left by an unknown artist.

Simple graffiti, obscure political statements, or little symbols of uprising and hope? Following them may be the only way to find out.


Name: Sibyl

Allegiance: Forest Folk

Sibyl returned to nature, embracing the ancient ways of worship, as did many others after the collapse of society. However, this particular sage-burning child of the trees was given the coveted position of shaman.

It is uncertain whether the snail shell necklace is official soothsayer attire or just a bold fashion statement.

Night Lurkers

Name: Unknown

Allegiance: None

The wastelands are rife with pirate tribes and lone raiders. Nocturnal bandits are by far the most dangerous. As stealthy as they are savage, they hunt using only silent weapons like knives, arrows, or bare hands.

They're either very brave or very crazy for working the small hours when mutants prefer to feed and are the most aggressive.


Name: Zahra

Allegiance: Sand Tribe

Zahra went to bed a size 1 and woke up big-time-preggers. The situation brought speculation and debate amongst her tribe, with some attributing the event to a blessing, others insisting it's bad juju. Unlike her people, Zahra was less concerned with giving credit or assigning blame. She wondered what to do about it.

Aside from their crazy religious dogma, not much is known about these reclusive nomads other than they're a clean and hairless people. A stark contrast from those filthy Forest Folk, with their horrendous B.O. and bits of refuse tangled in their matted hair.

In Utero

Name: IXF-1019

Allegiance: Property of G.E.M.

In the early days of end times, before the dramatically grotesque abominations started roaming the earth, mutations were slight and went largely unnoticed, but nonetheless were of grave consequence. Many species began producing only one gender. In humans, only women were being born.

With male extinction imminent, governments organized a massive collection of spermatozoa (dubbed the Great Milking). Before long, all babies were made in a lab using surrogates. Unfortunately, even IVF only yielded females, and all in vitro generations were infirtile.

After years and countless failed experiments, Dr. Jenna Tailya accidentally stumbles across a breakthrough discovery that might bring humans back from the brink of extinction.


Infection had already taken hold of the planet before the first noticeable outbreaks of mutation happened. The infection turned even the most docile creatures aggressive. It crossed the species barrier and every living creature was affected. The origins of the contagion remain unknown. Worse, there is no cure.

Plane Jane

Name: Capt. Jane "Candi" Diasis

Allegiance: GEM

Still thinking of stuff to say about this Amazonian aviator.

Pearl Divers

Allegiance: GEM

These GEM members spend most of their time underwater.


Allegiance: The hive mind

She listens to Bee-yonce.

Coming Soon

DoomsDaisy is still in development. The cards are created alongside the game. As game development progresses so will the collection of cards.

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