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An apocalyptic adventure in a nuclear winter wonderland.
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Doomsday is near; die all, die merrily.
Achievements and unlockables to spite you
Cabin fever
Screen time with the ladies
Everyone uses protection
You blow me away!

About DoomsDaisy

Story Synopsis

You're a member of a secret organization who foresaw (and prepared for) the end times. After a year isolated in an underground bunker, the time has come to resurface. Traverse a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find fellow members and face mutants, monsters, and marauders as you investigate mysterious dystopias in a world where every decision is literally a matter of life or death.

If the above video doesn't play, click here to see the official DoomsDay teaser/trailer on YouTube.


DoomsDaisy is an indie video gamebook, or visual novel, where you read sections of story and are given options along the way. Each choice alters the course of events, resulting in a unique ending based on the path you took. Due to the high number of choices and wide variety of possible outcomes, DoomsDaisy offers a higher level of replayability than other games. But be warned, many choices have seriously fatal consequences to bring your adventure to an abrupt and shameful end.

The rules for gameplay are simple:

  1. Read a section of story
  2. Make a decision when prompted
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 while avoiding death
  4. Probably die anyway


  • Over 100 unique endings (Demo has 10)
  • that makes at least 99 interesting ways to die! (Demo has 9)
  • 2 dozen in game achievements (Demo has 12)
  • Nudity and language filter
  • Over 40,000 words (Demo has 10,000)


TITLE: DoomsDaisy
GENRE: VN, Indie, Sci-Fi
DEVELOPER: Pontius Paiva
DEMO RELEASE DATE: Dec. 2nd, 2021
PRICE: $0.00 - FREE!


OS: Windows 10
Processor: 2GHz Dual-Core CPU
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9.0c
Storage: 4 GB

Content Warnings

Contains violence, gore, language, and themes not appropriate for children.

A relatively mild game by industry standards, however, depending on certain choices made during gameplay, there may be brief instances of graphic nudity and/or sexual content ranging from mildly suggestive to excessively explicit, (most likely appearing in the context of a gag endings).


Updated: Pontius Paiva has confirmed December 2nd, 2021 as the official release date for a fully functional, playable DoomsDaisy demo. Check back regularly, or follow @DoomsDaisy on twitter to remain current on DoomsDaisy news and release dates.

August 30th, 2021
DoomsDaisy Teaser premieres on YouTube!

August 25th, 2021
December 2nd, 2021 confirmed as demo release date.

August 17th, 2021
DoomsDaisy v0.2 (Demo) enters closed beta testing.

March 14th, 2021
DoomsDaisy v0.1 (Demo) enters closed beta testing.

February 28th, 2021
DoomsDaisy (Demo) enters alpha testing.

January 30th, 2021
DoomsDaisy game development begins.
DoomsDaisy website launched.

January 23rd, 2021
DoomsDaisy Twitter account (@DoomsDaisy) created.

January 14th, 2021
DoomsDaisy story writing begins.

More info

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